Hottest FAQ

    • The SIM cards will be free for two days from the date of registration, including the date of registration. Therefore, the cost will be incurred from the third day. Example) If you start the service from May 12, 2020, the free period will be 2 days of May 12 and 13. Charges are incurred from 14 days. * Date changes are based on US WestCoast Time. Example) The US West Coast and East Coast have a time difference of 3 hours. West Coast is at 9 a.m. at 12 p.m. East Coast.
    • While the SIM cards use T-Mobile networks and have 97% coverage in the United States, the networks provide 3G, 4G and LTEs depending on mobile locations. 5G networks will also be available depending on location after December 3, 2019. * 5G compatible device is required to receive 5G services.
    • The SIM cards are unlimited telephone, unlimited text, and unlimited data services in the United States. Using overseas (including Japan) and calling overseas are not possible. However, you can receive calls from Japan (overseas). The phone number will be assigned after SIM activation, so please confirm it from your mobile profile after activation. You can make a call by calling the number from Japan. When calling from the U.S. to Japan, please use the dialer, SNS, etc. in the SKYGO App.
    • The SIM service can be paid using various credit cards & Paypal.
    • Since this service is a service that can be used for a set number of days, if it is set to be used for a period of five days, it will incur a fee even if the service is not used on the third day, and the service will be completed when the five days have been completed.
    • If your mobile phone is unlocked and you are unable to connect to the Internet after you download and activate the SIM card through SKYGO app, please check the following:
      1. Check if your mobile phone is unlocked again
      2. Reconfirm that the SIM was successfully activated through the SKYGO App.
      3. If you cannot connect to the network after 30 minutes after SIM activation.
      You may need to configure the APN. Below are the APN settings required for each OS.

      For Android mobile phones, set the APNs as follows.
      APN Content: T-Mobile US LTE, APN: fast.t-mobile.com, Username: Blank, Password: Blank, Auth Method: Blank

      After the iPhone restarts, the APN information is automatically registered. If the APN information is not registered, follow the steps below.
      The iPhone does not set APNs like the Android, but can be changed by profile swapping.

      1) Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset Network Settings
      2) Please open the following URL in Safari. http://coupf.com/tmobile
      3) Downloading the profile automatically installs it.
      4) After installation, restart the device and check if the Internet is available.
    • SIM unlock procedure is available from each carrier's web site if there is internet connection in the U.S. To learn how to do this, see the SIM Unlock Methods page at: https://ana.nxtsim.com/unlock/
    • Several reasons could be the cause of this. The primary reason is that the carrier does not allow unlocking the device. If a mobile phone is purchased with monthly payments of a carrier, if 100 days have not passed since the purchase, the mobile phone will not be able to to be unlocked. In that case, we can only give up on using our SIM card, so please connect to the Internet in a different way.
    • Unfortunately, if you lose your SIM card, the service will be unavailable. Please acquire a new SIM card and set up new activation.
    • Contact the contact below.

      Email: support@theskygo.com

      Support Hours:
      7AM to 6PM (PST)
    • This SIM card service does not grant mileage.
    • Yes, all services are unlimited during the SIM activation period.
      US Domestic phone calls, text (SMS), and data communications.
    • Yes, if your smartphone supports hotspot (tethering) function, you can enable the network sharing function to share the network with other mobile phones and PCs.
    • Yes, we recommend registering the SIM card in Japan while you have access to the network in Japan using the SKYGO app. But please be aware of the following:
      1) Even you successfully register our SIM card in Japan, you won't be able to use it in Japan.
      2) Please make sure the SIM service starting date is based on the USA date, not Japan date.